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Unknow future by Kaitourose Unknow future by Kaitourose
I'm uploading this later here (it was already uploaded on my tumblr page)

I decided to upload this here today cause I removed all my documents, maps, drawing from my usb-stick to another location. So before forgetting to upload it and upload it another month (which is unnecessary.)

Happy belated b-day gift ifor :icontekuu: is finally here! (sorry, OTL)

My scanner made the ligher blues look so asdfghjkl uglty ;_;,.

The coloration is done with tradional medium; copic markers, fineliners (copic and some unknown liners, watercolor pencils, gold/silver marker, white acrylic paint.

All the details killed my several times..ö.ö''

Edit 1: I spotted a costume slip (Ryō) I will fix it later)
Grey and Ryō © Himitsu no mahou by ~Green-najotake
Fan-art by me
Tekuu Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist

Ahahahahahaha--- better late than never should be my new catch phrase! XuX!!
Thank you very very very much for such an awesome present - it's so detailed and thoughtful and dreamy
This year I *MUST* draw you a present as well; it can't be that you always give me so many nice things and never get anything in return >A<;;
I'm listening to Owl City's "Meteor shower" while looking at this and aah <33 Every little corner and space and whatnot of this artwork
is drawn with so much care and there's really so much to explore - nice way to include your signature by the way! And looking at Grey and Ryô
who're so happily reading together just..makes me smile with content ♥ The opened window with the view outside just makes the scene
seem even wider and...even more "free" <333 I absolutely love this artwork, thank you for giving me such a wonderful present <333333333
Kaitourose Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
xD Hahaha - can I borrow your new catch phrase sometime? Awh, you're very very very welcome! :hug:
You don't need too, I can understand how busy you are with projects. (I hope every thing works out with those projects).
I like Owl City's ''Youtopia'' (Must listen to the song you mentioned later).
Drawing to people interacting together at the same time was hard for me back then, it still is though. xD. So drawing them like that was a nice challenge. I wish I could post a my tradional artwork to you (and Carina)or go to Germany or Denmark(never been there though. ) just to give it in person)
I'm very happy with you're reply and to hear that you love it. (eventhough my scanner messed up the soft blue, purple-ish colors)- Geh! I haven't post you're B-day present for this year on DA yet. xD (Can I still borrow you're new catch phrase?)
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July 4, 2012
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