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Himitsu no Tsubasa by Kaitourose Himitsu no Tsubasa by Kaitourose
A crossover with the characters of Himitsu no mahou and Tsubasa Reservoir chronicles...

The line-art is old...weird.. I can trace some of my anatomy mistakes xD.

Title: Himitsu no Tsubasa (A combination of the both series that of what I made this crossover with.) ('''secret of wings" :giggle:)

Here is a link of the sketch + a larger artist's comment about the drawing itself.


The background (the rainbow color) suppose to be the traveling magic of Mokona...(from TRC)

and the purple-blueish colors are Firey's/Fay's magic xD

I thought that two sentence I made were fitting for both series.

Sorry if the file is to big (I did resized it) O.o

*goes to sleep*
The characters

Firey (girl on the left) as Fai D. Flourite.
Silver(guy on the right) as Kurogane
Pink(girl in the middle) as Mokona Modoki(human version)
Gary( guy on the left under Pink) as Syaoran Li
Green (girl on the right und Pink) as Princess Sakura.

© Firey,Silver,Pink,Gary,Green and Himitsu no mahou belongs to :icongreen-najotake:

Fai,Kurogane,Mokona,Syaoran,Sakura and Tsubasa RC belongs to Clamp.

Feather brush (I don't know from where I got it...I downloaded it long time a go...I will edit this artist's comment soon too give the rightfull owner the credits. The person who made the feather brush.. where ever you are amazing too! ^^ ( I need to search him/her)

This picture is drawn by me, :iconKaitourose:
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AimaiLeafy Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As I already told you while this picture still was a scetch: it looks very good :3
You were trying to add many details on your picture and this is also well managed, not at least because you have used the clothes from the original series. Firey has become particularly well, although I also like Green, esspecialy because of her hair (but it is too dark!). Siberu also looks better than in the sketch. Still not perfect, but you can clearly see the progress!
The background is a little confusing and the colors look very intrusive - but because I know the series it is clear to me that this must be so, for it is the magic Mokona use xD Rainbow-action! And Pink as Mokona ist just cute *^*

A really nice idea and you realize that you make progress ♥
Kaitourose Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
;3 nya, Thank you again.

I just love details a lot (in general).
( ^^ Thank you. (I later on like Firey too, but Pink is my personal fave in this picture)

I realised it later to, it looks like the same hair color that Gary/Blue has.

I will to draw Siberu more to make hime look right xD.

True the background is a little confusing for the one that haven't seen the serie(or read the artist's comment xD)(I should have thought this out a little bit more.)

:iconrainbowlaplz: <---rainbow-action! Go go go xD.
:D Pink as mokona (She is the only one that wears clothes the are based on the serie, instead of original clothing of the serie xD)

Thanks you so much for you sweet comments :heart:

In the future I will draw them with original clothes! ;)
starlight2infinity Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
:wow: awesome Art dear
:hug: :heart:
Kaitourose Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Thank you ^^

:hug: :heart:
starlight2infinity Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
so very welcome dear :heart:
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July 18, 2010
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