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Aceo 042- Fire awey, Fire away by Kaitourose Aceo 042- Fire awey, Fire away by Kaitourose

Original title: Fire away, fire away
Theme: Action, Himitsu no mahou, fight
Aceo number: #042
Size: 6.4 x 8.9 cm
Series: Himitsu no mahou
Exchange: No.*Already going to give to a friend*
Omg, fastes upload ever after a long none drawing periode

I should upload it after this weekend...but but but I know I'm going to be very busy next week. So have a new uploaded aceo picture today!

I drew Firey from Himitsu no mahou. (I should ask or look more at other pictures if Firey has ambidextrie, since I drew her shooting the arrow with her left hand OTL) (And I make costumes slips at the neck area and near the skirt (pink area).

All with all I like the outcome of this little aceo since it's been a while that I have used copic markers to color..(I useally prefer aquarel paints) - I like here hair in this picture....

My scanner was hungry again and eat away the original colors..(Photoshop to the rescue QaQ) I can assure you the real thing looks better by far.

I hope my friend like it aswell...*hint who ow who...*

Firey/Hinako Minazaii from Himitsu no mahou by ~Green-najotake
ACEO/Kakao kart by(me) lovetodrawthings
Materials; Copic liner (black/sepia), copic markers, gold and silver marker, non-copic liners (red/orange/blue and yellow), glitter gel pen, gelly rol( white), pencils: brown and yellow)
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May 9, 2012
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